October 19, 2018

Explore Mexico on a Moment’s Notice

Winter comes far too early for some of us in northern climates. Its icy grip can take hold anytime after Labour Day, and once it settles in, we’re subject to months of shoveling, scraping, and bundling up against the cold. Or are we? Even if you don’t have a regular winter vacation on the calendar, […]

September 19, 2018

The Only Way to Fly

We’ve all been there – rushing madly through an airport terminal, pushing through the crowd, juggling luggage, briefcases and carry-ons, hearts pounding and minds racing with panicked thoughts of a missed flight. Maybe the check-in line was ridiculously long, maybe security was a nightmare, maybe you got hung up at customs, or maybe the incoming […]

August 22, 2018

Your Jet-Setting Adventure – Teambuilding in Incredible Destinations

The benefits of teambuilding to the workplace are well known. Teambuilding exercises improve productivity, increase employee motivation, encourage collaboration and creativity, strengthen communication and provide positive reinforcement to those who take part, making each person feel they are a valued member of the team. Most teambuilding activities take place outside the office – but some […]

July 24, 2018

Our Top Golf Excursions

For a golfer, there is no better experience than gazing out onto the open green. The trees move softly in the breeze, the sun lights up each cascading grassy dune, your eyes are shaded by the brim of your hat, and your club is firmly in-hand, ready to swing. Golfing at its finest – pristine, […]

July 10, 2018

The Luxury of Convenience

Travel is a fact of life for today’s in demand executives. Whether attending conferences, trade shows, training sessions or getting to important meetings, business owners and top-level management spend a considerable amount of time in the air – and if travelling commercially, there is a lot of time lost in the extended transitions. According to […]

May 25, 2018

Green Skies – Sustainability in Aviation

When it comes to sustainability and going green, aviation probably isn’t the first industry you think of for making great strides and advancements in protecting the planet. It’s a surprise to most people to learn that the aviation industry has been working diligently for many years to find ways to reduce our environmental footprint and […]

April 4, 2018

Helicopter Charters – A World Above

Looking to try something a little different when travelling from one destination to another? Need to tour a hard to access job site or prospective land purchase? Well, look no further. Helicopters are the motorcycle of the sky. Exclusive, reliable, flexible and exciting, chartered helicopters can be an ideal solution to all your executive and […]

December 21, 2017

7 Myths About Flying Privately

For the average Canadian who fly’s commercially, the term “flying” usually means spending hours in a busy airport, waiting in long lines, emptying your pockets into plastic trays and constantly battling for more leg space. Did you know that there is a whole new world up beyond the clouds? A remarkable experience where comfort, safety […]

August 24, 2017

Private Charters – Choosing the Perfect Aircraft

You understand the value of time, but did you know that choosing the right express travel can save you hours? A study released by L’Voyage gave the example that when travelling from Singapore to Cuba, passengers who flew privately saved more than 7 hours in flying time alone. While the amount of time you can […]

July 17, 2017

Telecommuting vs. Being There – Finding Balance

The world of ‘work’ is changing. As emerging markets change and businesses work to meet this demand, many organizations are realizing that having one office is simply not enough. While businesses grow into global enterprises, many have office locations dispersed across the country, across borders and, in some cases, across oceans. This is not specific […]

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