7 Myths About Private Air Travel

December 21, 2017

For the average Canadian who fly’s commercially, the term “flying” usually means spending hours in a busy airport, waiting in long lines, emptying your pockets into plastic trays and constantly battling for more leg space.

Did you know that there is a whole new world up beyond the clouds? A remarkable experience where comfort, safety and leg-room knows no end? Did you even think it would be possible to work comfortably from your laptop without worrying if you’re taking up too much elbow space?

Contrary to popular belief, chartering your own aircraft is not only for high-level management or elite celebrities. In fact, flying via aircraft charter is easier, more beneficial and more affordable than you think. As a business professional whose time and money are extremely valuable, what wouldn’t you do to make sure you get to that next important meeting on time?

Whether or not you believe that chartering your own flight (and saving time while travelling) is out of your reach, we’d like to share our top 7 myths we hear about aircraft charters, and debunk them:

  1. Chartering your own flight is expensive You do not need to be celebrity, a CEO, or a Head of State charter your own flight. Sometimes, taking a charter can be less than the cost of flying first class commercially, especially depending on how many people you fly with. Most charters are commissioned by corporations for business travel, and when flying with multiple business associates, the cost can go down significantly as the cost per person to take a charter will be less than the cost of a group of commercial first-class tickets. Also, let us add that chartering your own aircraft means that you are not limited to one or two bags, meaning no hidden baggage fees here! Your children and pets can also tag along (with notice) at no extra charge.
  2. Chartering your own flight isn’t as safe as flying with commercial airlines Commercial airlines and private charter aircraft are very safe modes of transit. All business aircraft must pass stringent federal requirements before being allowed to operate or fly, similar to any commercial airline. You can feel confident that your aircraft, from a turbo prop to a large cabin jet, is very safe.
  3. Take-off times are delayed as frequently as they are for commercial flights While Canadian regulations are similar for both aircraft charters and scheduled airline flights, when it comes to flying safely, charters are often more flexible in avoiding delays. Where many scheduled airline flights may delay their take-off time for any number of reasons, including weather, under-booked aircraft, delays with connections, etc., aircraft charters are dedicated to their take-off time and run on no schedule but yours. In other words, unless for severe weather, your take-off time is far less likely to be delayed.
  4. You must show up 3 hours before a flight if your charter is flying internationally One of the greatest benefits of chartering a flight is not having to wait in line, and not having to show up hours before your flight. You can show up as little as 20 minutes before your scheduled departure, all while skipping any long lines. We ensure streamlined boarding procedures, making it even easier for you to check-in, go through security, and board. For a business professional or team who’s on a very tight schedule, the time-savings associated with flying on your own aircraft charter are astronomical. Although, Genesis does have a new private executive lounge, so if you did want to show up early, we wouldn’t blame you.
  5. Commercial airlines fly faster than charting your own flight Believe it or not, most air charters fly at the same speed or faster that commercial airlines. In fact, some of the fastest passenger jets in the sky are private aircrafts, depending on the model and type you take. When it comes to the overall journey, chartering your own aircraft makes for a much faster trip, eliminating lengthy wait times both in the air and on the ground.
  6. You must book your chartered flight way in advance Charting a flight means that you have the freedom and flexibility to fly wherever, whenever and however you want. Most jet charters can book a flight within 12 hours notice. In certain cases, we’ve even done it in an even shorter amount of time. Last minute meetings in the US? No problem.
  7. Your limited in the aircraft you can choose You have options! You can choose the size, type and style of your aircraft based on your needs (see our blog on Choosing the Perfect Aircraft). Aircraft charter services companies like Genesis can find the perfect aircraft based on your needs, and can guarantee your satisfaction.


If you’re interested in chartering your own flight, let Genesis be your guide. We are the premier choice in aircraft charters, and can help get you to your next business meeting safely, and way ahead of schedule. Let our expert team find the right aircraft for you.

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