Air Charter Helps Your Business Take Flight

April 19, 2017

In today’s increasingly competitive business landscape, an organization’s ability to work with speed, flexibility and efficiency is integral to success. More and more, business aviation is becoming a key contributor to advancing business growth and productivity. Business aviation, namely, air charter not conducted by commercial or military airlines, is viewed today as a productivity tool embraced by companies of all sizes with varying needs. Business aviation boasts many advantages, beyond the convenience and comfort travelers have come to expect from private air charter carriers.

Air charter for business enhances and promotes productivity. With air charter, employees can meet, plan and work with ease both before and during their flight; no long security lines, lengthy boarding waits or the threat of delayed flights means your workforce saves time in transit. Teams can discuss confidential information with confidence in a secure environment in-flight, increasing productivity. Many aircraft also have technologies that allow employees to keep connected and in communication with colleagues both on the ground and in the air, which can be critical when dealing with time sensitive situations.

For companies active in remote locations not easily accessed by commercial flights, private air charter efficiently connects disparate business sites. Many companies active in the energy and resource industries rely on private business air charter to connect their workforce and conduct daily operations. Air charter is also ideal for companies needing to access multiple locations in a single day, since it’s often impossible for commercial airlines to accommodate this type of itinerary. Further, business air charter allows companies to safely transport tools, equipment and materials that cannot be carried aboard commercial airlines. The ability to travel with operational supplies can be extremely beneficial when these supplies are needed in remote locations quickly.

Business aviation is a gamechanger for businesses big and small, enabling employees in transit to accomplish more, faster. Investing in an air charter flight program yields long-lasting returns that have an immediate effect on the efficiency of your workforce. After all, efficiency=productivity=profit. Whether your executive team needs direct transportation to emerging markets in Asia or your workforce requires weekly air travel to a remote site, aligning with an air charter agent who will design a flight program that meets your every need will help your business really take flight.

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Fast Facts

  • Among Business Week’s 100 Best Brands, 98% are business aircraft users
  • Among Fortune magazine’s World’s Most Admired Companies, 95% are business aircraft users
  • Among Fortune magazine’s 100 Best Places to Work, 85% are business aircraft users
  • 2/3 of passengers say they are more productive on business aircraft than when they are in the office
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