Did You Know You Can Visit the United States?

October 14, 2020

The rules around border restrictions seem to change every week, and it can be difficult to find completely accurate and up-to-date information. With the words “border closure” and “restricted travel” in the news, you might think that it’s impossible to go to the United States right now. But did you know you can still fly in to the country without legal restriction?

US Air Travel is Open to Canadians

While the land border is only open to commercial and essential services, commercial air travel is still available to all Canadian citizens. Regulations vary from state to state, but many of them – including Florida, Nevada, Texas, and California – do not have mandatory 14-day quarantine periods for Canadian travelers, meaning you will not have to spend two weeks of your trip locked away. Even Hawaii is open, with no quarantine, to Canadian travelers who show a negative COVID test. So you don’t have to put your southern vacations on hold just yet.

However, with the changes to airline flight schedules and operating budgets, spending time in airports is more stressful than usual. Flights are changed or cancelled with little or no notice, leaving travelers stranded in foreign cities, and many more people are vying for an available seat on reduced-capacity planes and routes. You are around big crowds of strangers in close proximity, which is not advisable right now. And even if you do get a seat on the plane and get to your destination, a person from the flight could show symptoms later – and everyone on that flight  can now traced, contacted, and put into a two-week lockdown.

The Advantages of Private Chartered Flights

Skip all of that hassle with a private charter flight – an increasingly popular option for Canadians. You’ll avoid the long lines and cross-contamination of crowded airport terminal, because you can bypass all of it when you book your own plane and crew. Even if you can’t drive right onto the tarmac – which you often can do – your time spent in the private departure facility will minimize your contact with other traveling passengers.  .

And as for PPE, instead of wearing a mask for hours as you wait and travel, you only need them in the departure area, and while boarding and deplaning. Even better, if your family or cohort groups are the only ones traveling with you, and the only crew are pilots that you will not be in close contact with, you don’t need masks at all. If you’re on a flight for several hours, that’s much more comfortable for you and your travel companions.

Genesis Aviation: Your Charter Experts

Need help chartering a plane for your trip? At Genesis Aviation, we’ve been helping clients do just that since 2011. With experience around Canada’s largest airports as well as many smaller, regional ones, we’re experts at offering  aircraft and crew that can get you to your destination – safely and with far less stress than traveling with the mainline commercial carriers. Contact us today to get started on your fall and winter travel plans!

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