Explore Mexico on a Moment’s Notice

October 19, 2018

Winter comes far too early for some of us in northern climates. Its icy grip can take hold anytime after Labour Day, and once it settles in, we’re subject to months of shoveling, scraping, and bundling up against the cold.

Or are we? Even if you don’t have a regular winter vacation on the calendar, or an escape planned to warmer destinations this year, it’s possible to run away from winter almost at a moment’s notice via chartered air travel.

There are many fantastic advantages to traveling via private jet, but one of the greatest is that the journey happens on your schedule. Arrangements for a charter flight can be made within a matter of days, sometimes even within a few hours, and if you have a particular destination in mind, half the decision making is already done.

Mexico is a great place to jet off to on a moment’s notice. It’s nearby, is got great beaches and beautiful culture, and best of all, it’s always warm. Many of us have visited the usual Mexican coastal resorts, but there’s a whole country to explore, and by charter plane, it’s all within reach.

Here’s our top recommendations for charter travel to Mexico that is decidedly “off the grid.”

Mexico City

Mexico City is an epicenter of Latin life that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. The history and beauty of the nation stands tall here. Mexico City is replete with stunning art museums that showcase great national artists. Its streets are adorned with incredible Mexican architecture, there’s plenty of playful nightlife, and the city has a food scene that will have you salivating. In addition to hundreds of fabulous restaurants, Mexico City boasts fantastic street food vendors that rival others anywhere, even in Asia. It’s a must see and experience destination at any time of year.


As the birthplace of tequila and mariachi, Guadalajara has a long history of celebrations and holds rank as Mexico’s second largest city. Its four main plazas are a great place to begin exploring and taking in the city’s vast array of historic buildings. There’s an intriguing hybrid quality to Guadalajara – it’s very rooted in Mexican culture and tradition, but is known as the Silicon Valley of Mexico, home to a number of technology and software companies in the country. Visit the beautifully ethereal Belén Cemetery, enjoy a walk through the city’s popular Tlaquepaque district, and admire the Virgin of the Expectation statue in Guadalajara’s Zapopan Basilica.


The Yucatan Peninsula is the seat of Mayan civilization. The entire region is the bedrock of Latin culture and well worthy of exploration. Known for its stunning Gulf of Mexico beaches, spellbinding ruins and Colonial cities, the Yucatan captures the impressive essence of Mexico in one fell swoop. You may want to visit the region’s mega-popular tourist destinations (i.e. Cancun, Tulum and Playa del Carmen) but you don’t have to get a full experience. Just a couple of hours inland you’ll discover Mérida and Campeche, historic cities that offer a change of pace, plenty of great restaurants, freshwater springs and Mayan ruins galore.


This south-central Mexican region is a place where the country’s rich culture and history merges together. Colonial, independent and pre-Hispanic influences effortlessly intertwine here, expressed through architecture, crafts, ruins, and in churches and cathedrals everywhere. Oaxaca City itself is a UNESCO World Heritage site, internationally renowned for its colourful buildings, cobblestone streets and rich textiles. Be sure to try the mole wherever you go – it’s a specialty in the region.

Ready to jet your way south to Mexico at a moment’s notice? We can help you with that.

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