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April 4, 2018

Looking to try something a little different when travelling from one destination to another? Need to tour a hard to access job site or prospective land purchase? Well, look no further.

Helicopters are the motorcycle of the sky. Exclusive, reliable, flexible and exciting, chartered helicopters can be an ideal solution to all your executive and corporate travel needs.

When considering air charter options, helicopters aren’t always the first thing that comes to mind. However, helicopters provide a fast, safe, and professional way to get wherever you need to go – from morning commutes and important business meetings, to accessing field locations too remote to reach by any other mode of transportation. Helicopters offer considerable flexibility, as they can be scheduled and operated based on a clients’ travel needs, sometimes with very short notice.

Genesis helicopter transportation eliminates long flight layovers, delays, and rush hour traffic, which mean our clients enjoy their travel experience, free from worrying over complications and details, with the added assurance of getting to their destination on time. What’s more, our inventory of aircraft can make the entire journey a seamless experience. Genesis can plan your entire travel itinerary, incorporating transport from your primary location via aircraft carrier to a secondary location where a chartered helicopter takes you the rest of the way.

Other than executive transport, our clients often charter helicopters for:

  • Commuting to and from remote or challenging field locations
  • City-to-city transfers
  • Filming, photography, and (funny enough) traffic and accident monitoring
  • Special events, including weddings and anniversaries
  • Private tours and general sightseeing
  • Pleasure flights

When you charter a helicopter, travelling to your destination is no longer just a to-and-from journey, but an impressively scenic and immersive experience. Fly above city skylines, soar through the clouds, travel through the Canadian Rockies, or land in a remote Northern location with ease. Whatever your logistical requirement may be, whether remote or urban, appropriate helicopters can provide a unique travel solution that saves both time and money.

Speaking of time savings, that’s one of the biggest advantages to chartering a helicopter, even if you have a meeting in a city only an hour or two away. In 2016, INRIX, a company that provides traffic data and analytics, analyzed results generated from real-time GPS data alongside traffic flow information from 1,064 Canadian cities. When releasing its Global Traffic Scorecard, some of Canada’s top 10 worst cities for spending hours and hours in traffic congestion included, not surprisingly, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Toronto:

Calgary – 10th – 15.7hrs

Edmonton – 8th – 17.2hrs

Vancouver – 5th – 30.4hrs

Toronto – 2nd – 45.6hrs

A report commissioned by the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) also revealed that Toronto dominates the list of worst Canadian traffic jams, with bottlenecks costing drivers 11.5 million hours and 22 million litres of fuel each year. These statistics set Toronto on par with major U.S. cities like New York and Los Angeles for traffic challenges.

Life is hectic enough, and with congestion hitting a seemingly all-time high in Canadian cities, why waste additional time sitting in traffic when you could fly?

Whether travelling to a remote or challenging field location, rushing to a meeting in a nearby city, or booked simply for fun, escape the busyness, skip the traffic, and get where you want to be faster with your own chartered helicopter – the ultimate solution to your business and personal travel needs.

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