Your Jet-Setting Adventure – Teambuilding in Incredible Destinations

August 22, 2018

The benefits of teambuilding to the workplace are well known. Teambuilding exercises improve productivity, increase employee motivation, encourage collaboration and creativity, strengthen communication and provide positive reinforcement to those who take part, making each person feel they are a valued member of the team.

Most teambuilding activities take place outside the office – but some take the experience to a much higher level. Destination teambuilding adventures are more popular than ever before, and there are countless companies that specialize in helping businesses plan destination teambuilding trips in fabulous locations all over the world.

Incredible Possibilities

Imagine taking your team members mountain climbing in the heart of the Rockies, scaling treetops in interior B.C., splashing around with dolphins in the Bahamas or operating heavy-duty machinery just off the Vegas Strip. It’s all possible, and with the comfort and ease of charter flight travel, getting anywhere you want to go is part of the teambuilding experience.

Amazing Destinations

The world is your oyster when it comes to choosing a teambuilding adventure. Activities range from majestic to adrenaline inducing, and all of them are certain to inject a lot of valuable morale into your business.

Here’s a few of the most intriguing adventure possibilities we’ve encountered around the globe.

  1. Treetop Adventures in an Old Growth Forest

Hidden in the thick woods just 32 kilometres west of Revelstoke is a system of zip-lines, suspended bridges, ladders and nets, climbing walls and sky swings that challenge adventure seekers (and colleagues) to a day of physical agility and mind-over-matter discipline. If you’d like to help your people become more inspired leaders, strengthen their teamwork and give their morale a boost all at once, an aerial trekking course could be just the thing. Participants engage in a series of games and courses that help build trust between employees and solidify the core values of your team. SkyTrek Adventure Park develops customized team building packages that cater to any organization’s team, goals and needs. Onsite guides and an initial training session are provided.

  1. Get to the Top of Your Game at the Top of a Mountain

Rising 1,250 meters (4,100 feet) above Vancouver, a mere 15 minutes from the city’s downtown core, Grouse Mountain calls to millions of urban dwellers every day. Take your team skyward up the mountain via the Skyride cable car and let them marvel at B.C.’s awesome beauty (taking in cityscape and ocean views while dangling over Douglas firs is not a bad way to start the day.) Once at the peak, your team can partake in any one of the many activities and adventures the mountain has to offer, from getting to the top of Eye of the Wind – a 20-story wind turbine with a glass encased view pod; visiting The Refuge for Endangered Wildlife – a research, education and conservation centre at the top of the mountain that’s home to two orphaned Grizzlies and a variety of other incredible creatures; or going on a snowshoe trek across the mountain’s ridge in winter months.

  1. Swim with Dolphins in the Bahamas

The crystalline waters of the Bahamas offer some of the greatest ocean activities in the world. The water is warm, exceptionally clean and brimming with life. One of the most fun and most memorable ocean activities for teams to participate in is a dolphin swim, and several companies across the islands specialize in the adventure. Your team will splash and play with the friendly creatures, learning techniques to communicate with and command them, and be boosted in the air by their powerful snouts – a truly exhilarating trust building experience.

  1. Dig Deep in the Desert

There are lots of reasons to host a team building retreat in Las Vegas, but maybe the most interesting (and surprising) is the opportunity to put your people behind the controls of heavy-duty excavation equipment. Just off the Vegas Strip is a heavy equipment playground where grownups go back to playing in the sandbox – in a very big way. Dig This Las Vegas is company that is dedicated to corporate retreats and team building exercises. Under the watchful eye of experienced instructors and operators, participants learn to work Caterpillar bulldozers and excavators – moving mountains of dirt and boulders, and digging holes deep enough to drop a car in.

  1. Go Wild in Florida

Corporate workers with a yearning to experience the wild get their fill at the Animal Kingdom Park in Orlando. Disney Meetings offers a unique Wild Africa Trek team building adventure – a three hour guided safari tour where guests get up close and personal with a variety of wildlife, including hippos and crocodiles. Your team will start off trekking through the savannah and cross a shaky rope bridge hanging 10 feet over a roaring riverbed. Several meeting facilities are in the nearby park, so there’s plenty of opportunity for more traditional team building exercises too.

  1. Shark Diving off the Coast of South Africa

Okay – this might not seem like a great team building activity, but hear us out. What better way to establish trust and build impulse control among your people than when you’re several hundred feet under the ocean, surrounded by some of the most awe-inspiring creatures on the planet? Gansbaai is known as the Great White Shark capital of the world and it’s only a 30-minute scenic drive from Cape Town. Several highly experienced and reputable dive companies operate there, and almost all use cages for diver safety. An encounter with these fierce fish will be something your team will never forget.

The Added Advantage of a Charter Flight

Getting to any team building adventure destination is a more enjoyable experience on a charter flight. Your team will avoid potential delays and layovers, no-one will miss the flight or lose their luggage, and best of all, there will be lots of time and opportunity to connect with one another while you’re getting there. If you’re interested in booking a team building adventure, talk to us. We’ve got a lot of great ideas for you.

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