Predictable Travel for Oil & Gas Teams

December 4, 2018

If there is one word that describes the oil and gas industry, particularly over the last several years, it might be the word unpredictable. No matter what market prices might be doing or the number of bbl that gets produced in a day, executives and onsite workers must travel to places that are either very remote, very far away, or both – oftentimes at a moment’s notice.

The immediacy of travel demands in the industry is something every oil and gas professional is familiar with, particularly when production is low. As we heard one onsite Drilling Supervisor say recently, “When the patch calls, you start running.”

The challenges that remote locations, unplanned meetings, and last-minute field calls present to the oil and gas industry are obvious: how do executives and employees get where to they need to be with the expediency they need to get there, when many times the locations they need to reach are not accessible from commercial airports? And even if those locations are accessible, the chances of getting on a timely flight is almost zero. The answer to these challenges is clear: private aviation.

Our team of talented and experienced aviation professionals understands and respects the demands and challenges that oil and gas professionals face every day, and we specialize in getting executives and field workers efficiently and safely to and from wherever they need to be, whether it’s a last-minute meeting in Houston, or a well site in the far reaches of Africa.

Charter flights fit the needs of the oil and gas professionals perfectly for a number of reasons:

  1. The FIFO advantage. No connections? No problem. Charter travel takes you directly from Point A to Point B and back again. There is no need worry about finding flights to nearby destinations or making a connecting flight to a smaller airport. Staff on rotating schedules benefit from predictable and reliable travel to and from the job site on safe, comfortable aircraft at a price that fits the project budget.
  1. Choice of aircraft. Private aviation companies provide options that are tailored to your travel needs, whether it’s a CEO making the trip or an entire drill crew. From turbo prop aircraft (often called the “workhorse” of the energy industry) to luxury jets of all sizes and helicopters that land in even the most difficult terrain, there is an aircraft that can get you and your people where you need to go, when you need to be there. Genesis Aviation Aircraft Guide
  1. Helicopter Transportation. Helicopters have become a major factor in the oil field and a crucial form of transportation in the industry. As more and more wells are drilled offshore, as well as in far flung land sites remote enough to be off the grid, crew changes via helicopter have become a necessity. Private helicopter travel combines all the benefits of charter transportation with the extreme precision and site access that only helicopters can provide.
  1. Tailored Schedules. FIFO services means less travel time throughout the year, and more time on tools in the field. Maximum onsite productivity is a major benefit of charter travel. There’s no risk of missed or cancelled flights, so you can count on your people arriving when they’re supposed to.
  1. Ease of travel. Charter flights eliminate all the hassles of commercial travel. There’s no need to wait in long check-in or security lines, no checked baggage, and no unpredictable difficulties at customs. Passengers arrive at their destination relaxed, focused and ready to work.
  1. Industry Responsive. The oil and gas industry is ever-evolving and companies need to be able to react to new possibilities and opportunities as they arise. The emerging LNG segment of the industry on Canada’s west coast is a growth opportunity that many companies are anxious to be a part of, and those who have quick access to its assets will reap the most benefit.

Genesis Aviation was founded as an energy services company and we still see ourselves that way. We understand the needs and expectations of oil and gas companies and have solutions for every challenge. To request a quote for your next company’s next shift change, travel to a conference, or a coming meeting, click the link. Request a Quote

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