Private Charters – Choosing the Perfect Aircraft

August 24, 2017

You understand the value of time, but did you know that choosing the right express travel can save you hours?

A study released by L’Voyage gave the example that when travelling from Singapore to Cuba, passengers who flew privately saved more than 7 hours in flying time alone. While the amount of time you can save is dependent on where and when you travel, time savings both on-ground and in the air are just a few of the benefits of flying privately (see our blog post on flying privately here). With a wide range of exceptional private aircrafts available, how do you choose the perfect one that meets your time, travel, and business needs?

As the premier private aircraft service, we offer a selection of aircraft that exceed passenger’s expectations. Whether you’re a group travelling South for leisure, a team of professionals heading North to a field location, or you are travelling overseas to pursue new business opportunities, we’ll get you there safely, efficiently, and with unparalleled experience.

Based on our expertise, here is our guide to selecting the perfect aircraft:

Short-Haul Flights

Turbo Prop:

Travelling to a remote or challenging field location up North? If so, this is the aircraft for you. Whether you’re a group of executives, or a team with a time-sensitive schedule, the Turbo Prop is known for its reliability and efficiency in getting you where you need to go. We call this the “workhorse” of the energy industry, and it lives up to its name.
Capacity: 8 to 50 passengers.

Regional Jet:

Like the Turbo Prop, Regional Jets are the go-to for getting larger numbers of people to remote or challenging field locations. Known as the “corporate shuttle”, especially in the energy industry, the Regional Jet ensures flexibility, safety, as well as makes sure your team gets to where they need to be.
Capacity: Up to 100 passengers.


Ride in style in a premier helicopter – a unique aircraft solution to your specific business needs. Helicopters can travel direct to a variety of locations, including oilfield operations, forestry or mining services, or other remote sites, and are equipped to get you there comfortably and ahead of schedule.
Capacity: Anywhere from 4 to 12 passengers.
Short- and Long-haul Flights Within North America

Mid Size Jet:

One of the more common aircrafts, the Mid Size Jet is the perfect aircraft in terms of comfort, speed and experience. From business meetings in Canada to corporate ventures in the US, the Mid Size Jet has the advanced capabilities of taking you directly to thousands of non-airlines serviced destinations across North America, with no added time to you.
Capacity: 4 to 9 passengers.

Light Jet:

If you’re an executive, corporate manager, or a professional with an important meeting to get to, this is the aircraft for you. The Light Jet is the ultimate aircraft in terms of time-savings and unmatched travel experience. Tight timeline? This aircraft is up to the challenge.
Capacity: 4 to 9 passengers.

Travelling Overseas

Large Cabin Jet:

Travelling to the US? Europe? Asia? The Large Cabin Jet, an “ultimate travel machine,” gets you where you need to be competently, safely and on-time. This aircraft’s mission capability is like nothing else on the market, and is the very definition of premier private aircraft service. Perfect for hectic schedules and working on-the-go.
Capacity: Up to 14 passengers.

Want to learn more about how we can get you to your next business meeting? Give us a call, and we’ll be happy to help. More details on our aircrafts can be found here.

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