The Luxury of Convenience

July 10, 2018

Travel is a fact of life for today’s in demand executives. Whether attending conferences, trade shows, training sessions or getting to important meetings, business owners and top-level management spend a considerable amount of time in the air – and if travelling commercially, there is a lot of time lost in the extended transitions. According to Jet Aviation, a survey conducted in 2009 revealed that the productivity of executives who travel commercially goes down 40% on travel days. If your team is travelling several times a year (or more than once a month) that’s a lot of downtime – and it’s undoubtedly having a negative effect on your business.

The natural (although perhaps not readily apparent) answer to this problem is to book charter flights for your executive travel needs. Many successful businesses, especially those that book travel for their executive management team, believe the cost of charter travel outweighs the benefits, but let’s take a closer look at all the advantages, and then you can decide for yourself.

  1. Convenience. Of course, the ease of charter air travel is one of its major advantages. A charter flight is built around you or your manager’s schedule – not the other way around. No more waiting in lines at the airport, no navigating through crowds, no more long layovers, no lost luggage, and no risk of missing a flight (or worse – getting to the airport only to find your flight has been cancelled.) You don’t even have to worry about parking – there are designated (and often complimentary) parking spaces for charter travellers, located conveniently close to the door of a small private terminal.
  2. Time Saving. For busy executives, making their way through check-in, security and customs can be a hassle and is always time consuming – especially when you factor the one- to two-hour lead time all airlines require before boarding. Even if they do get to the airport on time, there is always a chance that their flight will be overbooked or delayed, and they will be left waiting and/or will have to make other arrangements. Once they get to their destination, they also have another interval waiting at the luggage carousel. Charter flights take all of these transition delays out of the equation and allows the business to recapture their Executive’s valuable time imperative to being profitable.
  3. Space, Comfort and Privacy. Every charter aircraft is different, but no matter what plane best suits your team’s travel needs, they are certain to enjoy more leg room and a far more comfortable and tailored seating than on a commercial flight. Comfortable travellers are happy travellers, and can use the reduced stress to be more productive and creative. Charter flights have plenty of space for laptops, briefcases, and important paperwork. Executives can spread out and work with ease while they travel, which helps to keep their projects on-time and on-budget. Chartered flights have sometimes been referred to as “Boardrooms in the Sky”, with the added level of being individually chartered, only the employees from your company are on the flight, allowing for meetings and proprietary topics to be discussed with ease. This once again capitalizes on utilizing all your travel time for business making ventures.
  4. Customization. Whether travelling alone or with the entire team, Genesis has access to a full range of aircraft to meet your needs, including turbo props, light to large cabin jets, regional jets and helicopters. What’s more? The sky’s the limit when it comes to destination. We can get your executive team to remote job sites way up north or to world-class cities around the globe.

Finally, considering the cost vs. benefit model that all businesses need to consider, the expense of the charter flight may not be as high as you think. We can get started on a quote for your next trip, book right here on our website. Just click the link on the bottom left of the screen, or click here.

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