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September 19, 2018

We’ve all been there – rushing madly through an airport terminal, pushing through the crowd, juggling luggage, briefcases and carry-ons, hearts pounding and minds racing with panicked thoughts of a missed flight. Maybe the check-in line was ridiculously long, maybe security was a nightmare, maybe you got hung up at customs, or maybe the incoming flight arrived too late for you to make your connection. Whatever the reason, even if we manage to get on a flight we’re terribly late for, we sit there hoping that our checked baggage made it on board before takeoff as well.

Travel should be an exciting experience, but only for all the right reasons – and if it’s exciting in all the right ways there’s no reason it shouldn’t be a completely enjoyable experience too. Not that commercial airlines and airports tend to make it easy. For all the above mentioned reasons – long lineups, security and customs hassles, and delayed and cancelled flights, commercial air travel is very often more of a headache than a joy.

And let’s not forget the crowds. This past August, Toronto Pearson set a new record for its busiest day on record, welcoming an astounding 166,900 travelers on August 24, 2018. This new record represents a growth trend at Pearson, which saw passenger traffic increase 6% over the same period in 2017.

By the Numbers

Passenger numbers at all of Canada’s leading airports show a similar trend. Canadian passenger traffic reached its peak in 2017, with more than 79.5 million passengers boarding flights operated by major Canadian air carriers. That’s a whole lot of people, a whole lot of cargo, and a whole lot of potential headache too.

Charter Flights are on the Rise

Maybe that’s why the trend toward private air travel is on the rise as well. Charter activity was up worldwide in 2017, and the growth continues. In the U.S., charter travel is leading a domestic business resurgence, registering a 10% increase in the number of flights and a 12.7 percent boost in flight hours in the first half of 2017 over the same period in the previous year. Why? Here’s just a few of the reasons:

Private Terminals and Lounges

Even if you fly first class when flying commercially, you still have to content with airport chaos and lengthy queues to get to it. Many airports across North America and around the world offer separate terminals for charter flights, all of which have lounges that are equipped with comfortable seating, and well stocked with snacks and beverages. Charter air travelers never have to deal with long lineups or invasive security measures. They simply drive up to the private terminal, park their car, check-in at the desk and get on board. The private terminals at Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto’s International Airports are well away from the main airport terminals so charter passengers never even have to contend with airport road traffic.

You Set the Departure Time

Charter flights are scheduled at your convenience – a benefit that many passengers find invaluable. Passengers decide when the flight will leave, giving guests ultimate freedom when it comes to making their travel plans.

Land Closer to Your Destination

The beauty of private aircraft is their size – sleek, efficient, and small enough to land at virtually any airport. Passengers have the luxury of landing at the airport of their choice, which can cut down on the time it takes to get your final destination. Charter aircraft can land a small rural airports and airfields with ease, getting you away from city traffic and to where you want to be a lot faster. Billy Bishop in Toronto, Springbank in Calgary, and Boundary Bay and Pitt Meadows in Vancouver are all small rural airports that charter flights access on a regular basis.

Choose the Aircraft that You Love

How many guests will be joining you on the flight? Do you prefer classic interiors or something more modern? What amenities would you like to enjoy in the air? You don’t get questions like this when booking commercial travel, but you will when you book a charter. Genesis Aviation offers charter options to suit everyone’s travel needs, whether you’re flying alone on business or travelling with family on vacation. We have access to aircraft of every size and style, and can accommodate any traveler’s tastes and requirements.

More Efficient (or Relaxing) Travel Time

Need to get some work done between Point A and Point B? No problem. On a charter flight you’ll have plenty of room to pull out your laptop and any accompanying paperwork you may need to get the job done before you land. And it goes without saying that private air travel is literally sitting in the lap of luxury – you have all the space you need to stretch, lay back, relax and enjoy the flight.

Convinced to give charter air travel a try, or do you need more incentive? We’ve got plenty more to offer and we’re just a phone call away.

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